TupperS Law

Distinction Award for SME Legal Representation, 2020

18 March 2020

Legal advice shouldn't be limited to those who can afford it, and while big companies are able to draw on big resources, those in SMEs can find themselves squeezed out of the market. TupperS Law, led by Stephen Tupper, aims to fill the gap, giving the underdog the opportunity to fight back. With a small-scale approach to a large-scale problem, we looked more closely at the firm to find out more.

Since launching in 2015, TupperSLaw has been a valuable asset to those SMEs who need a helping hand. A far cry from big law offices, this micro-boutique has been founded on the principle of providing exceptional value for money that is as conflict free as possible. Designed to be lean and mean, the result is a business that fights for its clients all the harder, offering incredible service.

The team at TupperS Law has always been small, starting as a lone practice, but soon expanding to include three other fee earners. The mission has been the same since the start, namely the provision of top-class advice for a reasonable fee. The experience on offer from these solicitors, however, is second to none with a history of competition and regulatory law that puts some larger practices to shame. To ensure that those who join will fit the ethos of the business, team members are not recruited, but invited to join the enterprise.

When taking in the bigger picture of the legal industry, this approach is incredibly forward-thinking. The team strongly believe that the big firm model is barely hanging on, and while they will be able to survive on the commodity lines such as M&A, litigation and property, Al will eventually make all these redundant. The keener and more agile approach championed by TupperS Law is what will endure the change, able to offer value at a price than the majority can afford.

Focus on specific issues is key to the firm's continuing success, and the team have been able to help many small businesses challenge their competitions and thrive. Companies such as Socrates Training and Phil Anslow Buses are notable successes that have been able to progress onto great things. The world of competition law is usually influenced by bigger organisations, so the team are all specialists in this area. Every aspect is within the remit of the firm, including compliance advice, investigations, contentious work to name but a few. This applies both at a UK and an EU level.

Currently, the team are looking at bringing a case on behalf of a start-up business that supplies academic dress to students for graduation ceremonies. This company is a new arrival into the monopoly of such supplies that has been established by the UK's universities. The team's victory would bring some small relief to some hundreds of thousands of students up and down the country, while also breaking the monopoly into pieces. This sort of work is intrinsic to the way that the firm operates, changing the norm into a fairer system for all.

The work of firms like TupperS Law is built on fairness, ensuring an open legal system that everyone is able to access. Few firms are run with the determination of TupperS Law, and fewer still have been able to cram such experience into their business model. It's no wonder that they've achieved such success, with a forward-looking attitude that will be rewarded for years to come.