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We understand the profound impact that breaches of competition law can have – not just on the businesses involved, but on their customers, suppliers, and the entire market landscape. Our expert team frequently helps clients, big and small, on both sides of competition litigation, confidently navigating the complexities of the courts and tribunals, in particular the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

Whether seeking damages or defending against claims, we’re here to guide clients through these challenging circumstances by utilising our extensive experience in competition litigation.

Having TupperS Law, the best competition law team in the country, in our corner makes us very fortunate.
Paul Robinson, Managing Director, Instaplanta

Our expertise

As a firm solely dedicated to competition law, we have the knowhow and experience to defend our clients' interests and challenge anti-competitive behaviour, including:

Handling claims for damages: identifying legal avenues for claims before the courts related to anti-competitive practices, illicit terminations of commercial arrangements, etc.

Navigating market complexities: assisting clients in gaining fair access to markets road-blocked by incumbent businesses.

Pursuing compensation claims: on behalf of customers/consumers damaged by illegal activity.

Defence against regulatory findings: defending those that are the subject of findings of infringement by the CMA and other relevant regulators.

Assessing litigation risks: advice to businesses vulnerable to allegations of anti-competitive conduct.

Protecting against enforcement action: assistance with administrative enforcement by competition regulators.

Litigation experience

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Case 1249/5/7/16: Socrates Training Limited v. the Law Society of England and Wales

Case 1351/5/7/20: Churchill Gowns Limited and another v. Ede & Ravenscroft Limited and Others

Case 1426/3/3/21: CityFibre Limited v. Office of Communications

Case 1533/5/7/22: Commercial Buyers Group Limited v. Associated Lead Mills Limited and Others

Working with us

We have complete independence and the flexibility to ensure we can deliver exceptional work in the most cost-effective way possible. We stay abreast of all aspects of competition law and use our knowledge to achieve optimum outcomes for our clients.
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